When we think of our childhoods, and the stories our parents and grandparents read to us, most of us are able to recall the tale of one mischievous Rabbit in a blue coat named Peter. Beatrix Potter, who spent her summers in the Lake District, brought the tales of Peter and his adventures to life drawing inspiration for her stories from her memories there.

The tranquil beauty of the region set the backdrop for all of Beatrix’s stories about Peter and his friends, but they also opened our eyes to a part of England from the perspective of a perceptive child, who saw the simple beauty of the things around her, and eloquently shared them with the world, from that perspective.

Hollywood gave us a more realistic glimpse of this place that Beatrix loved so much when they made the movie “Miss Potter” starring Renée Zellweger; which told her story for new generations to see and opened our eyes to the creation of her beloved Peter Rabbit.

While Miss Potter and her rabbits are fantastic, the Lake District has so many other things to offer visitors. This picturesque region offers adventures for just about everyone. You can take you four legged friends for a hike through the hills and enjoy views that you could only dream of.

If hiking is not really something you are interested in, how about hanging out with llamas at the Llama Karma Kafe? How fun does that sound? And when you’re done with that, you can go for a horseback ride along the district. Maybe you would like to hang out with your favorite marmalade-eating bear, Paddington, for the World Marmalade Tour. That sounds like a delicious, and possibly sticky option, but one that the whole family might enjoy!

The Lake District is a place that offers endless options for fun, relaxation, recharging, and adventure. Everyone could use a little adventure in their life, that can also help us relax, have a little more fun in our lives.

In January, we talked a lot about recharging and focusing on you and living your best life, at the spa, and transferring that to everyday life. The tranquil atmosphere the Lake District offers its visitors might be just the weekend getaway you need to keep yourself in check and not letting the stress of everyday life get you down.

The Lake District served as an inspiration for Beatrix Potter, William Wordsworth, and so many other people who went there to find their spark. Let the Lake District ignite that spark in you. Let it inspire you as it did them. Let the Lake District take you to places you have only imagined and let it help you live the best version of your life.

We hope you find the inspiration you have been looking for with the little bits of the Lake District we are able to share with you this month. You never know where it will lead you.