Frequently Asked Questions

The Boxes

Where do you deliver to?

We want to share these marvellous brands as far and wide as we can. Both boxes are now available for delivery WORLDWIDE!

Royal Mail delivers to over 200 countries around the globe. However, some places are just too hard for us to reach. If you have any doubts about your location please contact us at or check on

USA Quaintly subscription boxes are sent via DHL .

What exactly will I receive?

Each month our team will work around a theme or region to select quaint, cute and beautifully made items. At the moment we cater exclusively to women, who love all things quintessentially British. From the categories of accessories, craft, home essentials, and edible treats we will send between 3 and 8 items in each box, depending on their combined value. You will also receive some info about each brand and designer as well as the occasional promo coupons and offers for their products.

PLEASE NOTE! Quaintly subscription boxes to the USA are sent via DHL and will not include food items. However, our British treat and snack boxes can be bought separately for delivery via Royal Mail.

Quintessentials box or Classic box... What's the difference?

The main difference is in the size and and quantity of items. They both share some common items, but the Quintessentials box will have additional products as well as products of higher retail value. The Quintessentials box measures approximately 12 x 10 x 4 inches. The Classic box is a flat design. Untracked shipping enables us to keep the international shipping rates considerably low for our customers. The approximate measurements of the Classic box are 12 x 8.5 x 0.8 inches. All of our boxes are lovingly packed by hand each month with great attention to detail. We aim to make the most of your unboxing experience and ensure the safest possible delivery of your uniquely British gifts!


When will I get my first box?

Thanks for joining us! If you got in before the 15th of the month, then you’ll receive your first box within the last week of that month. Purchases are closed after the 15th of each month and usually re-open again from the 24th onwards. If you’d like us to check these dates out for you, please get in touch and we can provide you with further confirmation. Alternatively, please follow us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter for all of our box and shipping updates.


I haven't received my box

Please bear in mind the international delivery estimates of 5-14 working days. The vast majority of deliveries occur within this time frame. Occasionally we do have some boxes that get delayed in transit or by your country's international customs agency. This is outside of our control and we find that boxes are eventually delivered within 3 weeks. 

It is also highly recommended to check with your local post office just in case it's there! Either way, if you're very concerned please fill in a contact form and we'd be happy to help.

Where's My Tracking ID?

We ensure a very affordable international shipping rate by using Royal Mail priority services. This is UNTRACKED shipping, and you will not be able to view the transit records. However, this is a very reliable service and we are more than happy to help with any rare delivery issues.

USA deliveries for the Quaintly subscription box are sent separately via DHL

How long does delivery take?

International deliveries take between 5 and 14 working days on average, a little faster to EU destinations.

When will it be shipped?

All Quaintly boxes are shipped on or around the 22nd day of every month.

My Account

How can I cancel?

We try really hard to send out only the most fabulously adorable items and we want to hear your thoughts on ways that we can improve! However, you’re of course free to cancel your subscription at anytime for monthly subscriptions within your account-

  • Login here
  • find your subscription info on the left of the screen
  • Click 'edit'
  • Click 'cancel subscription'

Prepay subscriptions will auto renew after the specified period and on the re-bill date (usually the 7th of the month) You can cancel your membership at any time but this won’t come into effect until you get to the end of your specified time in months on you prepay advance package.

When will I be charged?

All subscription products AUTO-RENEW.

For all subscriptions you will be charged right away for your first box and then on or around the 7th day of the month after each period you have signed up for.

For example, the month to month plan means that you will be re-billed on the 7th of every month. The 6 month advance prepay plan means that you will pay 6 months in advance straight away (with a nice discount) and then again on the 7th day – 6 months later for another 6 month package. You are free to cancel your subscription if you just want a 6 month package that doesn’t auto-renew at the end.

The Bi-Monthly plan is a little different as it will take a payment straight away, skip a month, then re-bill you on the 7th of the month after (every other month). You will then receive a Quintessentials Box once every 2 months instead of monthly. If you’re unsure about which plan to choose, just get in touch!

How do I make changes to my account?

Login to your account here to update your shipping address, delivery name, card details, subscription plan and other settings.